Heal your hormones forever

in just 8 weeks


Discover how to individualize food, supplement, and lifestyle practices to heal your cycle, banish acne and supercharge fertility

(Without having to go on a deprivation diet or spend thousands on supplements)


If you’re ready to stop being a victim to your period and start the vibrant life you know you were meant to live, you already know you need to heal your hormones.

So I’ll spare you the spiel.

You probably already know that it’s not normal to suffer through crippling period pain, mountains of confidence-crushing skin breakouts and the “relationship-on-the-rocks” kind of mood swings every month.

You’ve probably also heard that 3 in 4 women suffer from PMS and 85% of women suffer from period pain every single month, costing women 9 days of lost productivity per year (British Medical Journal, 2019). That’s billions of dollars per year around the globe and money straight out of our back pockets. (That's right, imbalanced hormones have the potential to hugely impact your physical AND financial health!)

You’re probably well aware of the lack of respect and understanding of menstrual suffering by employers, partners and health care professionals (who might have told you this is “all in your head”...)




  • Balanced hormones (the way they were designed to be!) give you superpowers that:

    • Help you burn fat and maintain a healthy weight
    • Significantly increase your overall happiness and boost your mood
    • Reduce your risk of stroke, dementia, heart disease and breast cancer
    • Keep your bones, heart, thyroid and breast tissue healthy
    • Boost your libido and increase sexual pleasure
    • Increase your energy and motivation for exercise
  • Period problems don’t just cause suffering now, they can actually decrease your lifespan!

    A recent Harvard study found that women with irregular cycles were 21% more likely to die prematurely than women who had regular cycles. Pretty scary stuff, huh?

"Cannot recommend this course enough!! The content is amazing and so easy to follow. My PMS was so severe I’d miss a week of work every month due to physical and mental symptoms. From the first cycle after starting this course I could feel big difference BUT by only the 2 cycle I had only one day off work. My symptoms are dramatically improving every cycle! Not only is this helping my Hormonal imbalances, but my digestion has improved, I have so much more energy, my skin is clearer and I don’t always have that sluggish bloated feeling! Can’t thank Tam enough! She is very supportive and always quick to get back to emails and messages on the FB page. "

Brisbane, Australia

Even though the reasons to balance your hormones and fix your period for good are clear...

The path to actually doing so can be completely unclear

Heal my hormones? Yes Please!

But where the heck do I start?


As you lie in bed in agony, waiting for the painkillers to kick in, stare into the mirror at another spot appearing on your face, or face another negative pregnancy test, you know deep down that something isn’t right

When you catch that look of bewilderment from your partner when your volatile moods are straining your relationship, you know that this can’t go on any longer. 

Your well-meaning doctor has likely told you that what you experience is ‘normal’ or offered you short term solutions that you know deep down aren’t addressing the root cause of why this is going on. 

In desperation, you might have taken the pill, another form of birth control, acne-medications or forked out 1000's for dermal treatments to try to gain some upper hand on your symptoms, whilst knowing these are band-aid solutions and one day you'll take the time to work this out for good.

If you’re super committed, you have probably already dabbled in dozens of different ‘clean eating’ or 'fertility boosting' diets

You’ve probably also experienced the confusion of someone telling you something completely different has worked for them.

You're tired of trying to piece together the answers using Dr Google.

Your social media feeds have been flooded with celebrity-endorsed vitamins, pills, cleansers, health-blends, smoothies, lotions, purple foods, sleep trackers, natural sweeteners, oils tonics and face masks that claim to be the solution to your period problems, hormonal breakouts or fertility struggles.

“Maybe this juice cleanse one will be the thing I’m looking for?” Sound familiar?

You’ve already invested so much time, energy and money into trying to figure this out for yourself because you know that life shouldn’t be this hard. 

But even with the best intentions, most women end up more confused than ever, still suffering from the same old symptoms, and back in the doctor’s office.


Here’s why most women abandon their quest to naturally balance their hormones:


  1. Without a step-by-step, individualized plan, most women get completely lost in the sea of conflicting information out there and don’t apply the right advice for their individual hormonal needs
  2. They fall victim to generalized advice that isn’t tailored to their individual hormone imbalances and specific symptoms and wonder why they aren’t getting the results they were promised
  3. After years of trying to solve it themselves, they end up back where they started (likely taking a pill to mask their symptoms) even though deep down they know there has to be a better way


Here’s why this is soul crushing:

Just because a certain diet or supplement worked for one woman, doesn’t mean it will work for the next (even if she has the exact same symptoms). 

The truth is, we are all so unique and require individual solutions to our problems.


Despite what you might think, balancing your hormones isn’t complicated.

It just requires understanding the secret language of your hormones, so that you can discover the root cause that is driving your symptoms. 

Only then can you apply the right food, supplement and lifestyle changes that address your individual root cause and finally shift your health from hormonal chaos to blissful balance.

Once you learn the language of your hormones you’ll be able to read exactly what your body is trying to tell you, and respond with the right food, supplement and lifestyle changes for the rest of your life. 


Which means…


You have the ability to heal your hormonal conditions yourself. 

You have the ability to rediscover that vibrant, feminine, sexy version of yourself that you feared might have been gone forever. 

That is...if you can avoid the unhelpful generalized advice that saturates your social feeds and the quick fixes that don’t address your root cause.


"This course was incredible!! Before doing Hormone Harmony, I thought if you weren’t on medications, suffering through intense period pain, acne and mood swings each month was normal. Tam’s helped me understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. She filters through all the BS that’s out there, giving clear, unbiased and straight forward advice. And it works! I was amazed by how quickly I saw changes. I’ve loved getting more in touch with my own body and learning how to nourish and support it. The Facebook community was especially great, it kept me engaged and feeling connected to the Hormone Harmony tribe the whole time. I highly recommend this course for all women!"

Forster, Australia

3 Myths You Need To Break Up With Right Now

To Be Free Of Period Problems

MYTH #1: 

Achieving my ideal health will cost too much money. I’ll have to buy expensive groceries, vitamins and skincare products before I see any results.



Balanced health can be achieved with very little investment. Once you know the right foods to eat for your unique body, you can experience massive shifts in your health.

With the right roadmap, you can focus on increasing your intake of inexpensive everyday foods which support your hormonal picture. 

With individualized information, you’ll have the confidence to choose only the right nutritional supplements for you, rather than spending money on celebrity-endorsed vitamins that don’t address your root cause. 


MYTH #2: 

If something doesn’t work straight away, it means it isn’t working.



Natural solutions to your period problems, skin breakouts and mood swings will not happen overnight. Unlike popping a pill to relieve your pain for a few hours, balancing your hormones takes time

Making changes to your diet, the way you manage stress and addressing nutrient deficiencies often take weeks or months to correct. 


So why should you wait this long?

Addressing the root cause of your issues means they go away for good.

Masking the symptoms and suppressing what your body is trying to communicate might make you feel good for a few hours. Ultimately, this can have devastating impacts on your long term health and fertility. 

Your body uses niggling symptoms to communicate with you that something is imbalanced. When left ignored or suppressed, these little whispers become loud yells that ultimately manifest in chronic health conditions or fertility struggles which are much harder to reverse. 


MYTH #3: 

Between cooking, exercising and learning about my body… I don’t have time to be healthy!


TRUTH #3: 

When you have the right step-by-step plan, being in balanced health is simpler than you think. 

You build baby-step change on baby-step change.

New habits become second nature.

When you’re finally in the groove of balanced health - you will have so much more time in your day

You can say goodbye to those days of lost productivity each year from menstrual suffering. 

Having balanced hormones means your moods are stable, your energy is high, and your focus and productivity are through the roof

You aren’t spending days in bed, calling in sick to work. 

You aren’t mopping up relationship spills for a week of every month. 

You aren’t spending time at your dermal therapist having the latest face peel. 

You’re out there finally living life on your own terms, instead of controlled by your hormones and kicking those goals you know you were born to achieve. 


You know what you don’t have time for?

  1. Spending another year feeling the way you do now
  2. Spending time and money on quick fix solutions that don’t last
  3. Worrying about the state of your future fertility if you put this off any longer

"I am so grateful to have come across Tamika’s course! I can’t believe how little I knew and understood about my own body. Hormone Harmony is like the missing personal development subject all girls needed in school. I am now confident in how to feed and treat my body to compliment my hormonal changes throughout my cycle, and know what to look out for when things become out of whack. I’ve lived with horrible pains, breakouts and moodiness monthly with my period for my entire life, and thought that the pill was the only answer (as my doctors told me). I am now so happy to have had my first painless period in a very long time. I only get a couple breakouts now, and I’m beginning to feel happier and less grumpy before my period comes! I can’t recommend this course enough to everyone out there with uteruses- understanding the way your body works is so empowering!"

Sydney, Australia

I'm Tamika, and trust me -

I've been exactly where you are now...

10 years ago, this is how my life looked: 

  • horrendous acne that stopped me leaving the house without makeup
  • incredibly painful periods that left me bed-bound, calling in sick to work
  • periods coming on a schedule of their own - often not showing up for months at a time
  • zero libido and flatlining energy 
  • feeling completely out of touch with my body and fed up with feeling like crap every day
  • distrusting what my body was trying to tell me, suppressing my symptoms with painkillers, birth control, the latest acne creams/washes/pills with no relief

By changing my diet, addressing my imbalanced blood sugar, chronic gut and detoxification issues, I was finally able to experience pain-free, regular cycles, clear skin and stable moods. 

I finally feeling like myself again after a decade of being unwell. Now, I have a burning desire to help other women in the same boat. 

On my journey to learn how to help woman like me (and help myself, of course!), I: 

1. Spent 4 years studying full-time and tens of thousands of dollars to become a qualified Nutritionist (earning a Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine, if you're a details person!)

2. Spent 4 years learning how I could best teach people everything I know with a Bachelor of Education graduating with Honours (#humblebrag)

3. Became a certified Fertility Awareness Educator all the while continuing to improve my health. 

4. Treated hundreds of clients with my proven hormone balancing protocols.

I did all this so that YOU don't have to spend thousands of dollars and a decade (or more!) to learn what I know.

I want you to imagine your new normal...

 Imagine your period arrives smoothly and on time, with no symptoms and no pain

Imagine feeling vibrant and powerful throughout your cycle

Imagine leaving your house without makeup because your skin is clear and glowing

Imagine your moods are stable throughout the entire month and your relationships are thriving

Imagine supercharging your fertility to promote a natural, healthy conception whenever you are ready

Imagine fully stepping into your feminine power and finally feeling in tune with your body

Imagine getting your time back to get better results at work, make more money and better outcomes


All of this is possible with the right individualized advice.


And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to achieve.



The Complete 5-Step Protocol To Balance Your Hormones, Achieve Drama-Free Periods and Supercharge Your Fertility In Just 8 Weeks.


"HORMONE HARMONY ACADEMY ROCKED MY WORLD! I am eternally grateful to have found Tamika's Instagram account. The amount of information she shares on social media and her website is already a gold mine. I was so excited to enrol in the Hormone Harmony Academy program. I was at a point in my life where I had absolutely no control on my PCOS (type of hormonal imbalance) and met with multiple doctors who just recommended me to take the pill again and do a second round of Accutane (very powerful and unhealthy medication for acne treatment). Then, entered Tamika and her knowledge and love for living a healthy, balanced hormone life. No toxic medication, no pill, but a full comprehension of your body, how it functions, what it needs, what to implement, what to stop… An amount of information where to this day, I still speak of Tamika as one of my favourite teachers. Her ability to listen to every one of her students, give each of the women her undivided attention, her beautiful spirit and passion, made me look forward to Monday’s. And I am really not over doing my thoughts. 3 months in, all my symptoms are gone, I am feeling SO MUCH better with myself, in my skin, my heart, everything. I am so thankful for you Tamika. So thankful for all the answers, the courses, the live sessions, the genuine interest you have in making sure every women is doing good. WOW. I could go and on but I’ll stop here. Thank you again, for everything. I highly recommend joining the Hormone Harmony Academy program for any woman looking to take control of her hormonal health."

Montreal, Canada

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my personal health recovery, 10+ years of university and postgraduate study as well as hundreds of success stories with working with women 1:1 in my clinic and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only teaches you the science behind how your hormones work, but exactly how to correct your individual imbalances for good.

Hormone Harmony Academy is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  • Decodes YOUR cycle rather than giving generalized advice
  • Helps you understand what YOUR body is trying to communicate with you through symptoms and gets rid of the mystery surrounding your cycle
  • Individualizes diet, supplement and lifestyle advice to suit YOUR hormonal needs
  • Gives you the tools to support your hormonal picture for the rest of your life. No quick fixes, only long-term, lasting solutions that are tailored to you
  • Provides 1:1 and group support through every baby step to make sure you get it right this time - no more doing it alone!
  • Doesn’t require expensive, high-tech products or equipment - just a basic kitchen and access to a computer or tablet. No fancy foods or celebrity-endorsed products needed!

So, if you’re ready to finally heal your period problems, banish your adult acne and supercharge your fertility, here's how we'll get you there:

5 Steps To Hormone Harmony

STEP 1: Hormone Balancing Diet

Learn the foundations of eating to create healthy hormones, clear skin, pain free periods and supercharged fertility

STEP 2: Stabilize blood sugar

Implement the 5-step protocol to naturally balance your blood sugar PLUS get rid of your sugar cravings for good

STEP 3: Gut and liver detox

Support your elimination of hormones by supercharging your digestion and liver detoxification

STEP 4: Decode your cycle

Learn what your symptoms are telling you about your hormonal imbalances and address these with personalised supplements, diet and lifestyle support

STEP 5: Live in sync with your cycle

Become in tune with the natural rhythms within your body and learn to work WITH them rather than against them for ultimate hormone harmony

Hormone Harmony Academy Sneak Peak

What will I learn?

Module 1 (start INSTANTLY once you enrol!)

Kick Start

Kick things off with the Hormone Kickstart Diet. This 2-week challenge helps you dive headfirst into healing your hormones by upping your intake of hormone loving foods, and crowding out the less helpful foods.

No bland, deprivation diets here - just real, delicious wholefoods that make you feel vibrant and energised within days of starting the course.

Even if you’ve never made changes to your diet before, this module will break down exactly what’s important and how to achieve it so you feel confident to make simple changes and get the ball rolling.


  • Uncover the #1 food to eat to fix period problems, banish acne and supercharge fertility
  • Learn the exact foods to add into your diet today to start balancing your hormones
  • Discover simple tricks to reduce your intake of unhelpful foods and drinks so you never feel deprived
  • Experience increased energy, digestion and vitality within days
Module 2

Foods Your Hormones Love

Build on your initial quick wins by learning the foundations of a hormone-balancing diet. Here you’ll discover the importance of healthy fats and proteins for your hormones and exactly which ones and how much to eat of each.

You’ll start adding in healthy serves of foods that provide the building blocks for hormone creation and help to clear your skin.

You’ll implement the simple practice of seed cycling to support your body’s natural hormone production throughout different stages of the month by adding in a delicious snack to your daily routine.


  • Implement my Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance Protocol (hint: it tastes amazing!)
  • Learn the simple trick to determine how much protein your body (and hormones) need to regulate your cycles
  • Dispel the common myths about fat and discover which ones you need for your hormones and clear skin
Module 3

Master The Hormone Balance Diet

Now that you’ve learned the foundations of a hormone-friendly diet, it’s time to individualize your nutrition to suit your unique hormonal picture. You’ll learn exactly how to determine which style of eating is best for your individual needs and what this looks like on your plate.

You’ll have access to the exclusive members-only Happy Hormone Cookbook (among 10+ other Essential Support Resources, more info later on that) to take the guesswork out of how to prepare and cook delicious, simple meals that your tastebuds and hormones love. You WILL NOT be spending hours in the kitchen or money wasted on expensive ingredients.


  • Unlock the ultimate balanced diet tips that reduce overeating, keep you full and balance your hormones
  • Determine your body's unique carbohydrate tolerance and how this influences your cycle regularity
  • Discover the link between carbohydrates and irregular or missing periods (aka hypothalamic amenorrhea if you want to be fancy)
Module 4

Balance Your Blood Sugar and End Sugar Cravings

Now that you are feeling confident about how to eat for your unique hormonal picture, you’ll add on my signature 6-Step Protocol to balance your blood sugar.

With balanced blood sugar you’ll finally get off the energy roller coaster and experience consistent moods and energy throughout the day without the need for caffeine and sugar.

You’ll also implement the 6-Steps To End Sugar Cravings Protocol so you can say goodbye to that 3pm chocolate bar and after-dinner craving. 


  • Discover exactly how to balance your blood sugar
  • Implement the 6-Steps To End Sugar Cravings Protocol
  • Tap into your unlimited energy source and stop riding the energy (and hormonal) rollercoaster all day long
  • Watch your skin clear up as your blood sugar becomes balanced
Module 5

Supercharge Digestion

With balanced blood sugar giving you vibrant energy and stable moods, you’re now ready to tackle a cornerstone treatment of hormonal imbalance: your digestive health.

Here, you’ll discover exactly why poor digestion is one of the biggest contributors to period problems and hormonal acne.

You’ll implement the 5-Step Supercharged Digestion Protocol to heal your individual digestive symptoms from bloating to irregular stools and heartburn.


  • Learn the secret link between poor digestion, hormonal imbalances and acne
  • Identify potential issues with your digestion using the Gut Health Scale
  • Implement the 5-Step Supercharged Digestion Protocol to heal your issues for good
  • Enjoy a bloat-free stomach and humming digestion as your period problems continue to disappear and fertility improves
Module 6

Love Your Liver

With your digestive system effectively clearing your excess hormones, it’s time to take a look at how well your liver is breaking them down. In this module you’ll explore the signs that your detoxification pathways need some extra support by using my Liver Health Scale.

You’ll implement my 2-Step Liver Love Protocol to boost the identified areas of your liver which need support and say goodbye to painful periods, acne and PMS. 


  • Identify issues with your liver detoxification pathways using the Liver Health Scale
  • Implement the 2-Step Liver Love protocol to support your identified liver issues
  • Watch your skin begin to clear, period pain ease and mood swings disappear as your body efficiently clears excess hormones 
Module 7

Decode Your Cycle 

Now that your detoxification and elimination pathways are supercharged and you are no longer dealing with excess hormones, you’re finally able to zoom in on what your unique symptoms are trying to tell you.

You’ll learn the secret language of your hormones and how changes in your period colour, consistency and flow are clever tools your body uses to alert you to what needs to be addressed.

Armed with the ability to decode your cycle, you’ll implement the Ultimate Individualized Supplement Protocol to choose only the most indicated supplements for your unique hormonal needs.


  • Take the Decode Your Cycle quiz and learn exactly what your period is trying to tell you
  • Learn how to read the signs of your whole cycle as secret messages about your health
  • Implement the Ultimate Individualized Supplement Protocol
  • Address any remaining symptoms with targeted nutritional support and a personalised protocol 
Module 8

Live In Sync With Your Cycle + Harness Your Feminine Energy

With your symptoms and hormonal imbalances addressed and armed with the knowledge to interpret and repair any future issues, it’s time to dive into one of the most rewarding modules of the entire course.

Here, you’ll finally understand the basic physiology of your menstrual cycle and the events that take place each month. You’ll discover the hormones involved and how to chart your cycle to become more in sync with your monthly flow.

You’ll then begin implementing the principles of harnessing your feminine energy so that you can finally stop fighting your cycle and tap into the energetic changes throughout the month. Living in harmony with your cycle, you have access to an​ infinite source of wisdom, energy and clarity.

With balanced hormones, glowing skin, kickass feminine energy, and living in flow with your cycle you are an unstoppable, vibrant goddess ready to take on the world! 


  • Take the mystery out of your menstrual cycle and finally understand the hormonal changes that take place, including when ovulation takes place
  • Learn how to maximise productivity and when to rest to harness the infinite feminine power of the menstrual cycle
  • Harness your knowledge of the cycle and the energetic shifts throughout the month to tap into the most vibrant, energetic, unstoppable version of you 


PLUS along with the 8 weekly modules, I couldn't resist adding even more value... (because I want you to THRIVE)

All HHA students receive instant access to the Essential Support Resources Pack which includes:


  • 10 exclusive eBooks to supercharge your hormone-healing journey (see below for the full breakdown)
  • Access to the Hormone Harmony Sisterhood Facebook group - get ready to expand your friendship group with the most supportive community of women where you can swap stories, recipes and tips
  • Monthly live video Q&A group calls with Tam and her team - where you can have all your burning questions answered and your protocols individualized
  • Action Steps Checklist: weekly tasks and motivators to keep you moving forward
  • Downloadable support docs for every module with tips, tricks, recipes and diagrams to make implementing your new habits a breeze

Essential Support Resources breakdown

Hit the dropdown menus to read more about each of these epic resources which are included in all HHA memberships

Take the stress out of cooking! Nourish your hormones with delicious meals, snacks and drinks that follow the hormone-balancing diet principals covered in the program.

Contains over 50 pages of exclusive recipes for meals, drinks, snacks and sweet treats, created by Tam. All are gluten free, dairy free and soy free and offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives. 

Designed specifically for women suffering with hormonal acne breakouts. This in-depth guide covers exactly what do eat, avoid and which supplements to take to banish hormonal acne for good. It’s the ultimate companion to the core Hormone Harmony Academy program if you are dealing with skin issues (or want to prevent them) and it comes complete with a 'Banish Acne' Meal Plan and recipes.

Everything you need to know to nourish the entire preconception to postpartum period. A 48-page comprehensive guide to preparing both you and your partner's bodies for pregnancy using diet changes, targeted supplements, cycle tracking and lifestyle changes. Month-by-month pregnancy nutrition advice, supplements to consider during pregnancy and how to navigate stress and exercise. And finally, a  deep dive into the postpartum period - nourishing the new mother and promoting connection with your new baby. 

A beautiful way to chart your cycle no matter if you have a current menstrual cycle or not. This eBook contains two variations of a cycle tracking mandala - one for women with a current period, and a second option to use the moon cycles for women with amenorrhea (missing periods), on birth control that prevents periods, in menopause or pregnancy. 

Covering the supportive practice of eating particular combinations of seeds at different phases of your menstrual cycle to help balance estrogen and progesterone. This is a simple trick that can be used to promote hormonal balance no matter what imbalance you are struggling with. Especially useful for irregular cycles and missing periods. Includes two delicious seed cycling bliss ball recipes so that you can get started with this practice today!

This resource is continually updated with the best natural brands of skincare, makeup, cleaning products and haircare to make living a low-tox life a breeze. Past and current HHA students contribute their favorite product names, creating an ever-growing a resource of worldwide brands that are tried as tested by the HHA Sisterhood (because no-one wants a natural deodorant that doesn't work!)

Pssst - I've got a secret for you...

You don't have to be experienced in the kitchen or follow a recipe to create a hormone nourishing meal. There's a simpler strategy that lets you enjoy all of your favorite foods and flavours while also making sure your hormones are getting everything they need to stay balanced.

I call it the 'DIY Nourished Bowl'. Learn the exact steps to put together hormone-balancing, delicious meals without even having to follow a recipe!

Plan your meals for the week and write up your grocery list whilst following the HHA eating principles we cover in the program. There's space to jot everything down and stick on your fridge, ready for a week of healthy eating! 

Tracking changes you have made to your diet, exercise routine, stress management and supplement regime is so important. You will have a clear record of what's working and what isn't. 

Use this daily tracker to record your changes to symptoms and responses to the lifestyle changes you'll make over the next 8 weeks inside of HHA.

The most comprehensive guide to reversing the symptoms of PCOS by addressing your root cause. This 51 page guide contains everything you need to know about PCOS. From symptoms, diagnosis and testing, to what to eat, which supplements to take, how to exercise and tips to optimise fertility and pregnancy. (Note: Only available if you sign up to my Heal Your Cycle Masterclass)

What HHA Students Are Saying...

Hear about past HHA members' results and experience in the program:

Check out what these amazing women had to say about HHA

Join Hormone Harmony Academy Today You'll Receive...


FULL ACCESS to the Hormone Harmony Academy program - $1497 Value

You’ll get access to all 11 video lessons, cheat sheets, supplement guides, checklists, and every tool you need to heal your hormone imbalances for good with confidence and ease.

PLUS the Essential Support Resources - $700 Value

Includes 10 eBooks, access to the Hormone Harmony Sisterhood Facebook group, monthly live video Q&A calls and more.


When you add it all up, that’s a real-world value of over $2197 USD.

(Relatively small when you think about a lifetime of feeling vibrant, symptom-free and 100x more productive...)

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the growing group of women who are taking their health into their own hands, I’m giving you the opportunity to enrol in Hormone Harmony Academy TODAY at the ridiculously low price of $597 USD


$597 USD

one time payment

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls



over 6 months

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls

Get Real Results, guaranteed: The world's best refund policy.

Unlike other programs, I am so confident in my 5 step framework, that I KNOW you will get real results. I've already healed hundreds of women using it.

Enrol right now and take the full 8 weeks of the course, completely risk free. 

By the end of the first 56 days (ie. 8 weeks), you’ll have completed the full course. My promise to you is, if you put in the work and haven't seen any changes by the end of the 8 weeks you can have a full refund. I'm that confident You’ll be feeling more vibrant, energized and fired up to tackle your unique hormone imbalances

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to continue your journey to finally being free of period problems, skin breakouts and roller coaster mood swings, simply reach out to Tam at [email protected] within 56 days and show me you’ve put in the work and I’ll refund your investment*

Think of it as a completely risk free investment. Get results, or your money back.


Read the full policy here

Questions our top students asked before saying “Heck Yes” to Hormone Harmony Academy

Module 1 starts the minute you enrol. You'll also gain instant access to the Essential Support Resources and Cycle Supercharge Bonus Bundle (if you joined during the special promotional period).

Modules will be released weekly for the 8 week duration of the course, on the same day of the week that you signed up.

As soon as you enrol, will be able to sign up to the private Facebook group and we will give you access ASAP, so that you can start connecting with the other women in the group and receive support from Tam and her team. A strong support network is crucial to your success!


HHA is 100% online, meaning you can access it from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The weekly course videos are optimised to play on mobile or desktop. Every module includes a downloadable audio file of the video module so you can listen on the go. 

The monthly live group sessions (hosted inside the Facebook group) are run at a time to accomodate most time zones, and are always recorded in case you can't attend live.

Other than the live events, the entire course can be completed on your own time schedule, pace and location with no issues! 

I've even included a special bonus document with my past students' favorite toxin-free brands from all around the world, so you'll be able to find local food, cleaning and skincare brands in your home town! 

Within weeks of beginning the program most women experience shifts in their energy, improved digestion and increased focus throughout the day.

Many women start to see hugely positive changes to their hormones before the 8 week mark (such as less painful periods, clearer skin and reduced PMS - I mean, check out the testimonials scattered throughout this page and on Trustpilot) but it is important to continue for the full 8 weeks to make sure you continue to reap the benefits.

The pill may offer you a short term solution to your period problems and acne breakouts, but does not address the root cause of why your body is experiencing those symptoms in the first place. Using band-aid solutions to treat your problems might make you feel good in the short term, but ultimately allows these small imbalances and niggling issues to continue to progress and can result in conditions that are much harder to treat. 

Putting in the work now to fix your problems for good will set you up for a lifetime of optimal health and reduce the chances of long term impacts on your fertility (plus you'll feel amazing!)

Hormone Harmony Academy teaches you to interpret your own period and hormonal symptoms, assess your digestive and detoxification capacity and determine which unique hormone imbalances are most likely driving your symptoms or fertility struggles.

Each module then provides individualized protocols and suggestions tailored to your unique situation. 

The protocols inside Hormone Harmony Academy are the exact protocols Tamika uses with her clients in 1:1 sessions to bring them back to a state of balance.

The research-backed protocols have been proven successful by hundreds of clients and students because they are individualized to exactly what's going on with your body, not just following a generic plan (just take a read of some of the reviews above!)

You will also progress through the course fully supported by the Hormone Harmony Academy community, and monthly live Q&A group sessions where you can ask questions and further discover how to individualize everything you are learning in the program.

HHA gives you the confidence to tackle your unique issues the right way for good.


I can relate! Before I healed my hormone imbalances for good, I’d bought every celebrity-endorsed vitamin, face mask, juice cleanse and diet program under the sun. I’d experienced zero changes in my health and was feeling more confused and frustrated than ever. 

What’s different about Hormone Harmony Academy is that you learn to read the signs of your period and hormone symptoms, and understand what your body is trying to communicate with you. Rather than applying generalized advice that worked for someone else, understanding the language of your hormones means you are able to respond with the right foods, supplements and lifestyle changes for your individual body for the rest of your life.

The protocols I share in HHA are the exact steps I used to reverse my own hormonal imbalances, clear my skin and fall pregnant naturally and easily with my beautiful daughter. 

This course has been specifically designed for women, like you, that are busy and on the go.

Each week you’ll receive access to one of the 8 modules. Each module contains one or two 10-15 minute videos plus downloadable support documents.

If you plan to complete the course within 8 weeks, we suggest setting aside around 60 minutes per week to watch the modules, go through the handouts and begin implementing your new knowledge. You may also like to set aside 20 minutes to jump in the members Facebook group, watch the live videos and ask questions. 

There is no pressure to complete the course within the 8-week timeframe however, as you will have access to the digital course platform for at least 12 months and all lessons are available to download as video or audio files which you can save and enjoy lifetime access.

Take 8 weeks or 8 months to complete the course! It's entirely up to you how you choose to implement it and fit it into your lifestyle. 

Every month, Tamika (or one of her highly qualified team) will appear live in the private Facebook group to answer all of your burning questions, check in with your progress and share tips and tricks to keep you moving forward.

Each live session will be recorded. Questions and comments can be submitted in advance if you are unable to attend live, and the recording will remain in the Facebook group to watch at a later time. 

Yes. I call it 'The Real Results Guarantee': 

My colleagues in the industry say I'm INSANE for offering this, but I know you will get results. You can access the full course for 8 weeks and if you put in the work, show it to me and have zero results, you can have your money back.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to continue your journey to finally being free of period problems, skin breakouts and roller coaster mood swings, simply reach out to Tam at [email protected] within 56 days (8 weeks) of beginning the course and show me you’ve done the work of the first 8 modules and I'll refund your entire investment. Read the full refund policy here

This is a zero risk investment. Get results or your money back.

This course is ideal to set you up for transitioning off hormonal birth control or for supporting your body whilst you are on birth control. 

If you currently take the pill, have an inserted device (like an IUD, Mirena or Implanon) or a shot (like Depo Provera) Hormone Harmony Academy will teach you the strategies to support any possible nutrient deficiencies caused by your hormonal birth control and support detoxification pathways. Following the 5-step protocol will allow your body to function at it's best during this time.  

By putting in the work now to ensure you are optimally nourished, you will likely have a much easier ride if/when you decide to stop using your hormonal birth control and will find your cycles return to normal faster. 

Absolutely! All the recipes and diet suggestions are gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free. Most recipes are vegetarian and vegan, and if not will offer a vegetarian alternative. Some recipes contain eggs.

The course is entirely self-paced and online. To access the course you will need a computer, tablet or mobile device and reliable internet. 

To implement the protocols, you will need access to a kitchen and basic cooking utensils to prepare your hormone-balancing recipes.

It's as simple as that! Balanced hormones are within easy reach - you just need the proven step-by-step protocols. 

When you sign up, you'll gain full access to the 8-week Hormone Harmony Academy course, access into the private Facebook group with monthly live sessions run by Tam and her team and the Essential Support Resources (10 eBooks + PDF files)You'll have everything you need to hit the ground running and make some serious change to your health. 

Signing up during the special 7-day promotional period?

You'll also gain FREE access to the Cycle Supercharge Bonus Bundle (retails at US$147) which includes:

  • Daily Cycle Syncing Meditations for each season of your cycle
  • The full body Cycle Syncing Workout Video Series 
  • ..and the Live Recipe Collection with continually updated hormone balancing and fertility supercharging recipes! 

After completing this course, you will be well on your way to balanced hormones, glowing skin, stable moods, regular periods and supercharged fertility. 

You'll finally understand how to interpret the language of your hormones and best take care of your body. You'll welcome your period as a blessing each month (hard to imagine I know!). And you'll be living in sync with your cycle, and using it as a source of power rather than fighting through the month. 

You will finally feel in control of your health and life and will have fully stepped in to your feminine power! Your body will be primed to enjoy blissful cycles or an easy, natural conception (for all those mamas-to be!)

Too easy! We're more than happy to answer them. Simply jump into the chat box on this page (little pink chat icon in the bottom right) or send an email through to [email protected].

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Ready to get this hormone balancing show on the road?

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$597 USD

one time payment

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls



over 6 months

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls

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"I started the course feeling fatigued, experiencing heavy breast tenderness, and dark spotting before my period. Throughout the course—around 2 menstrual cycles—I noticed a gradual decrease and improvement regarding these symptoms. After the course ended, around 3 menstrual cycles total, I felt more energized, saw zero to mild breast tenderness, and no dark spotting before my period. I even messaged Tam privately on Instagram to tell her I had to go home to change because I got my period and wasn’t prepared. You never know just how much a few simple changes can greatly impact and benefit your life! "

San Francisco, USA


You’re ready to achieve lifelong hormone balance inside Hormone Harmony Academy if...

  1. You suffer from irregular, missing, painful or unruly periods and you know it’s time you did something about it rather than taking a pill
  2. Your skin won’t stop breaking out, you have unwanted hair growth or symptoms of PMS and enough is enough
  3. You’re ready to stop disintegrating relationships and picking up the pieces for a week before your period every month
  4. Your digestion is a little off (bloating, constipation, diarrhoea) and you’re ready to enjoy food and get rid of that bloat for good
  5. You've recently been diagnosed with PCOS, suspect you have it, or have been dealing with PCOS for a long time. You're curious about using diet and lifestyle interventions as an alternative to the pill for PCOS but don't know where to start
  6. You’re an uber-proactive gal who wants to learn the best ways to naturally support her hormones and menstrual cycle through food, lifestyle and supplements where necessary so that you can prevent problems in the future and preserve your fertility 
  7. You are preparing for pregnancy or currently TTC and want to supercharge your fertility so your future baby to have the best possible start in life
  8. You are transitioning off hormonal birth control (like the pill) or considering coming off and need some extra support 
  9. You are ready to put in the work to make changes to the way you're living your life, what you're eating and how you're thinking so that you can experience blissful cycles, vibrant feminine energy and finally stop fighting your body

Did you catch yourself nodding your head? 

If you said HECK YES to at least 1 of the above, I can't wait to meet you inside Hormone Harmony Academy

YES! I’m ready to give myself permission, knowing I’m protected by a full, 8 week money back guarantee*


$597 USD

one time payment

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls



over 3 months

  • FULL access to Hormone Harmony Academy program
  • Essential Support Resources
  • Private Facebook group
  • Monthly live Q&A calls

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