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 **Add our comprehensive additional course, The Hormone Healing Mindset, for $99. This course takes one of the most popular modules of HHA and goes deep on how to become your most authentic, beautiful self.

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Hormone Harmony Academy

You're about to take your first step towards balanced hormones, blissful periods, clear skin and supercharged fertility.

I can't wait to support you.

By joining Hormone Harmony Academy in the promotional period, you're about to receive the following for 12 weeks:

  • Full access to my 5-Step Hormone Healing Framework
  • Full access to the Hormone Harmony Academy 8 module video & audio program
  • BONUS #1: Access to the Essential Support Resources (including eBooks and PDF support docs)
  • BONUS #2: 8 Weeks of personalized meal plans & done-for-you grocery lists
  • BONUS #3: Priority access to a team of hormone nutritionists & naturopaths via email & Facebook
  • BONUS #4: Weekly live Q&A calls with Tam & her team
  • BONUS #5: Access to our Personalized Supplement Protocol tool
  • BONUS #6: 3 months supply of Nourished Period Repair + Regulate vitamin
  • BONUS #7: Cycle Supercharge Bonus Bundle (including the Cycle Syncing Workout Series, Weekly Meditation Recordings and Live Recipe Collection). **This bonus package retails at US$291 and is only included if you are signing up within 7 days of attending my Heal Your Cycle Masterclass.
  • BONUS #8: $1000 discount if you are signing up during the 7 day promotional period
  • BONUS #9: PCOS survival kit (If you are signing up live during my Heal Your Cycle Masterclass)

Note all prices are in USD.

What People Are Saying:

This was an absolutely amazing program. If you are on the fence about doing this like I was - it was totally worth it! I learned so much in this course about my body and the improvements to your health were easy to put in place and while still finishing off this course I had a period with considerably less pain than I have had a in a very long time. Tam was friendly, lovely to deal with and got back to me on any questions super quickly. Can't recommend enough!

Angela Kirk

This has been such an amazing journey! I have been suffering with hormonal issues for over 7 years, having PCOS, PMS, gut issues and many more things. For such a long time i had been looking for help from doctors, the internet, friends... and some how i stumbled across Tam and the Hormone Harmony Academy. I finally decided that it was time to take real action and enroll. And i would do it 10 times over!!! I am so glad that i joined this course because for the first time in ages, i finally understood what my body was telling me! With the steps and advice Tam gives I am now more energised, i am starting to enjoy my periods, my PMS has reduced significantly and so much more (i could go on forever).

Eunice Jenkins

Tam is so knowledgeable about all things hormones and food. After taking her 8 week course I am now armed with the things I need to continue to have regular and healthy cycles. As a sufferer of PCOS I was having acne, bloating, IBS and irregular period. After starting the course with Tam, my previously 54 day long cycle was reduced to 30!! I had little PMS symptoms, which I usually suffer awfully with, and the actual period wasn't as heavy or as painful as it usually is. My bloating has improved significantly and this has been the most amazing part of the course. I cannot recommend this course enough for women who feel hopeless in their fight for regular periods. It can be done, I promise!!

Laura Wallace

I joined Hormone Harmony Academy mainly because I was fed up with my awful confidence crushing acne - before this course I thought I was so healthy and eating quiet clean drinking loads of water, WELL wasn't I shocked when I realised I needed to change some habits and learn why and how it can change our bodies, cycle, skin, moods, pain! My god!! I have come away from this course so much more knowledgeable (and with clear skin YAY) and understanding my body! I can not recommended Tam and her HHA course enough the support we get from the start to the finish and also the other ladies in the course is very warming and SO helpful. The information we learn here is so powerful the womans body is incredible, one last thing, Tam can relate to us and is a real genuine caring person that strives to help us, she is not someone that just takes your money and runs.. WELL WORTH IT IF YOUR THINKING OF JOINING!!